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to my practice for naturopathy, men's health, and sex therapy in Berlin-Mitte

Whether it's physical illnesses, emotional distress, men's health issues, or sexual problems — as a naturopath and sex therapist I am here to holistically restore, promote, and sustain your health, sexuality, and well-being.
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As a naturopath, I address the root causes of many acute and chronic conditions using natural healing methods, often in conjunction with conventional medical therapies. I utilize techniques such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and micronutrients.

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Men´s health treatment naturopathy sex therapy berlin

Men's Health

I have a special focus on men's health. Issues such as chronic stress, overwork, relationship problems, anxieties, and unprocessed emotions can significantly jeopardize a man's physical, emotional, and sexual well-being.

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couples and sex therapy berlin

Sex Therapy

The causes of sexual issues such as loss of libido, premature ejaculation, pain during sex, or erectile dysfunction can be physical and/or psychological. Additionally, dynamics related to the partner, relationship, or one's own sexuality and self-perception can also contribute to sexual dysfunctions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If this section doesn't answer your questions, please feel free to contact me.


Does Public Health Insurance pay for treatment?

No, as a rule the Public Health Insurance companies do not pay for Heilpraktiker services. However, many public, as well as private, health insurance companies offer additional affordable coverage for Heilpraktiker services. You can find specific information for various insurance options on the Internet.

I have private health insurance — will treatment be covered?

That depends upon your policy. Please check the terms of your policy or contact your health insurance company to determine if and to what extent your expenses will be reimbursed.

Does Public Health Insurance reimburse for the cost of prescriptions issued by a Heilpraktiker?

No, unfortunately not.

Can a Heilpraktiker fill doctor-issued prescriptions for treatments such as massage, physiotherapy, etc?

No, unfortunately not.

What exactly is a Heilpraktiker?

The term Heilpraktiker translates best as "Naturopath". By German law, only a Heilpraktiker or doctor may work in the healing profession. The prerequisite to practice this profession is a government issued license, granted upon successful review by the Medical Officer of Health. A Heilpraktiker may professionally engage in identifying (diagnosis), healing (elimination) and/or reducing (improvement of the condition) the disease, suffering or physical injury. A Heilpraktiker provides Holistic treatment and employs natural remedies and/or alternative medicine therapies.

What is the cost for a treatment in Praxis Krell?

Please go here:

Are there any additional fees?

There may be additional fees for lab costs and remedies. I will always try to keep these as low as possible.

How long is a session?

Please go here:

What type of therapy is used in which situation?

There is no general answer to this question. The treatment best suited for a particular situation needs to be decided on an individual basis. Please contact me for a detailed discussion about your particular situation.

How many sessions in what time period will I need, and what will the total cost be?

There is no general answer to this question. Treatment needs to be decided upon on an individual basis. Please contact me to discuss this in detail.

Is payment due immediately after treatment?

Payment is due with EC-card, Visa or Mastercard directly after the treatment.

Can every condition be treated?

There are some diseases that can not be treated by a Heilpraktiker. These include certain infectious diseases that must be treated by doctors who have to authority to prescribe prescription medications. Additionally, the Heilpraktiker has the same responsibility of due diligence as a doctor and therefore must refer a patient to a specialist when he reaches the limits of his knowledge and available treatments. Certain medical fields such as dentistry or obstetrics can not be practiced by a Heilpraktiker.

Can children also be treated?

Yes, but not with every method. For example, children can be treated very gently with homeopathy.

Can the session be conducted in English?

Yes, I have lived and studied in the United States and have good English skills.

During the course of treatment must I eat particular foods, or abstain from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or taking drugs?

Eating and drinking patterns are a major theme in the context of a holistic therapy and are taken into account since they often heavily influence the state of ones health. I will advise you on your diet and discuss possible behavior changes to get rid of harmful patterns of consumption, but I will not forbid you from doing anything.

Is there a guarantee of success?

No therapy — be it Holistic or conventional — comes with a guarantee of success.

Is it possible or useful to combine treatment with conventional medical treatment or other therapies?

Treatment with natural remedies in addition to conventional medical treatment is almost always possible and very useful — but every treatment needs to be evaluated for safely and efficacy on a case by case basis. For example, certain plants may inhibit or increase the effects of certain medications.

Is the practice handicapped accessible?

No, unfortunately not. The practice is located on the mezzanine level. There are four steps before the entrance.

Is parking available?

There is no private parking, however paid street parking is available.

Can a consultation also be made over the phone or via video chat?

Yes, a consultation can generally be made over the phone or by video chat. Under certain circumstances, treatment can also be made via video chat (however, a consultation is first necessary in order to clarify the exact requirements for a treatment option in each individual case).

Do I have to make an appointment for treatment?

Yes, an appointment is required for treatment.

Do you make house calls?

Yes, I make house calls. Additional charges for time and travel expenses will apply.