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Sex Therapy

Holistic treatment of sexual problems and dysfunctions with physical, psychological and relationship dynamic causes.

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The combination of sex therapy and naturopathy

respectively my trainings as a Naturopath / Holistic Practitioner as well as a Couple and Sex Therapist, enable me to therapeutically address problems with sexuality on different levels. For example, physical, psychological and/or relationship-related issues can be the causes (individually or in combination) for the development of sexual dysfunction. Reason for erectile dysfunction or loss of sexual desire can be, for example, hormonal disorders, anxiety, stress or traumatizing experiences from the past, as well as ongoing relationship problems, the latter of which can also mean a problematic relationship with oneself and one's own sexuality. Any therapy must therefore be preceded by a detailed medical history review on all levels in order to identify all causes accurately and thus enable adequate treatment.
Sex therapy treatment is always provided as a psychotherapeutic measure (GebüH codes 19.1, 19.2, 19.5) after a diagnosis has been made according to the ICD catalog.

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The following problems are frequent reasons for patients to see me:

Erectile dysfunction | Impotence
Premature ejaculation | Ejaculatio praecox
Delayed ejaculation | Ejaculatio retarda Absence of orgasm | Anorgasmia
Sexual aversion | loss of libido  
Increased sexual desire | hypersexuality
Compulsive sexual desire disorder
Pornography addiction | Consequences of pornography addiction
Pain during sex | Dyspareunia
Problems with one's own sexual identity
Lack of access to one's own sexuality, to one's own sexual needs
Shame, disgust, fear or panic in relation to sexuality
Lack of self-esteem in relation to sexuality
Problems accepting one's own body
Unsatisfying sexuality
Self-limiting or self-harming fetishes
Insecurity about sexual orientation | Fear of being homosexual or bisexual
Coming out Partnerlessness, involuntarily being single

Common issues among couples:

Lack of common needs in terms of sexuality
Loss of sexual passion | lack of desire
Infidelities | affairs and their consequences
Jealousy | loss of trust
Disputes | mutual attacks | permanent misunderstandings
Sexual disorders and problems (see above)
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Rainer Krell
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Rainer Krell, Naturopath and Sex Therapist in Berlin-Mitte

Holistic approach to health

Health is not limited to physical symptoms alone. It is an interplay of different areas of life. My approach encompasses more than just medical knowledge and tools.

Foundation of understanding

The unreserved acceptance of each patient and a precise understanding of their individual history of suffering form the foundation of my work. I see it as fundamental to engage in this healing process.

Empathetic dialog at eye level

From this foundation, I conduct empathetic dialogs. My strength is to work with my patients as equals in order to support them in their individual healing processes.
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What happens in a sex therapy session?

Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy. The treatment always begins with a detailed anamnesis as well as the exploration of the causes for the sexual problems or for the relationship issues. Psychological and medical factors are taken into account. Sometimes intersections with my work as a naturopath /  holistic practitioner arise when physical causes become apparent in addition to psychological reasons and medical steps or naturopathic interventions are necessary. According to my training in Relationship Dynamic Couple and Sex Therapy, my approach is influenced by this method, which is based on the following principles:

- Focus on taboo content
- Work with repressed personality traits  
- Relationship problems and sexual dysfunctions are developmental opportunities
- Body- and expression-oriented methodology; it is not only about understanding, but breaking patterns through action
- Sexuality is communication
- Sexual disorders are patterns of relationship dynamics
- Sexuality as a possibility for self and relationship development

Depending on the initial situation, various methods are used in therapy, including the use of cognitive behavior modification, communication training, body and (self-) perception exercises, visualization techniques, as well as Ego-State techniques, Systemic Sex Therapy, or Sensate Focus (Hamburg Model).

Most people who choose to have sex therapy with me do so because of sexual dysfunction or to better understand their sexuality and be able to live it out in a more satisfying way.

All sessions take place in a protected setting, I am bound by confidentiality in my work and everything takes place with 100% discretion.
Couples and sex therapy berlin
couple sessions

For couple sessions

My practice welcomes people of all ages and sexual orientations. In couples' sessions (male/female), there is sometimes a desire to bring in a female therapist to avoid one-sidedness in terms of gender in the sessions. In this case, one of my colleagues, Dr. Maya Fehling or Claudia Gaca, can be consulted.
Frau Dr. Maya Fehling
Dr. Maya Fehling
Frau Claudia Gaca
Claudia Gaca therapist

My practice welcomes people of all ages and sexual orientations.

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